Three Sectors Review and Best Stock Ideas for 2024

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Hey, I'm Mike

I’m the founder of Dividend Stocks Rock (DSR). I've been investing since 2003 (100% equities ever since) and worked as a financial planner/private banker for over 10 years.

Besides being a passionate investor, I’m happily married with three amazing children. I started my online venture to empower investors and spend more time with my family.

In 2016, I took a leap of faith and left everything behind to travel across North and Central America with my family.

Upon my return in 2017, I transformed DSR into the most practical and insightful dividend growth investing platform, helping 3,000+ people like you invest with more conviction.

Our DSR team reviewed each sector and selected top stocks. Download the Top Stocks for 2024 Booklet now -->>

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You shouldn't fear losing money

You work hard enough to save and invest your money.

Market fluctuations create confusion and lead you to panic selling.

Dividend growth investing helps you mitigate your risk and improve your portfolio income.

The booklet includes:

Rock Solid Companies

The selections have been made assuming a tough economic environment with inflation and interest rates impacts, and the possibility of a recession.

Three Sectors Review

Understand how this year major themes will affect the Consumer Discretionary, Industrial, and Financial sectors.

Metrics that Matter

The dividend triangle ensures these companies have everything in place to continue growing their payments.

Income Protection

Dividend growers tend to outperform the market and reduce the volatility providing safe retirement income.


How DSR changed investors

"I think the most significant change for me is the confidence that I feel regarding my investing. I have always had a very high-risk tolerance, so I can’t say that I fretted much about investing, but the difference between then and now is that currently, I am very confident that I am making good choices and I know how to proceed as I continue to develop and adjust my portfolio. I have a plan, and I can’t get over how much Mike’s advice resonates with me as I move forward. I watch the webinars and listen to the podcasts and they help affirm me so very much.
Thank you for all that you do. The recent upgrades to your platform were impressive and welcome."

- Diane D. DSR PRO member since 2020.

"I want you to know I would not have the confidence to still be managing my portfolio without your regular guidance. And as a retiree, I get a lot of pleasure out of it.
You and your team have really made a difference in my life and my financial health and confidence."

- Jane L., DSR PRO members since 2015.

"The information that you provide is very useful and timely. It has allowed me to confidently fine-tune my portfolio and make the necessary changes as I approach withdrawal age."

- Barry B. DSR PRO members since 2021.

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